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The Bonholtzers visiting Schloss Schönbrunn (Schonbrunn Palace) in Vienna, Austria on one of their world adventures

Craig and Suzanne Bonholtzer, along with their sons, Eric and Trent, are the founders of Bushland Outfitters. The Bonholtzers have a long history of environmental activism, from taking on and defeating developers and government organizations seeking to destroy scenic habitat, to protecting international bird flyways from destruction, and saving wildlife, including our most majestic animal, the bear, from death at the hands of government agents. The Bonholtzers were involved in what would become an international story, where "Samson" the hot tub bear, whose love of visiting local pools and yards of homes in the San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles almost got him a death sentence from the California Department of Fish and Game. Because of swift action by the Bonholtzer family, including an emergency phone call to then-California governor, Pete Wilson, "Samson" was given a last-minute pardon by the California governor himself. The Bonholtzers continue their activism in protecting wildlife, land, and our environment.

As they raised their children, the Bonholtzers' summers were filled with adventures and travel throughout North America in their camper and fifth-wheels spending time exploring the lands from sea to shining sea, throughout the bountiful beauty of the United States, from the hinterland of Alaska, across Canada and beyond. During their travels, the family had many face-to-face encounters with an exciting array of wildlife including moose, elk, caribou, beavers, black bears, and their all-time favorite, the majestic grizzly bear. It was almost magical coming close to these mystical creatures, and especially spiritual because of the Bonholtzers’ Native American blood ties which hold the grizzly in such high regard.

The Bonholtzers have taken their love of wildlife, adventure, professional photography, filming, and flying into creating another company, Bonholtzer Productions, which specializes in the most exciting and dangerous realms of film and journalism. Their films literally take viewers into burning buildings as the family straps on air tanks, don turnout gear, and wade into flaming infernos side-by-side with brave firefighters on the job. They also suit up in body armor to take viewers to shootings and the front lines of war. They fly on some of the most dangerous rescue missions and get up-close-and-personal with the most majestic wildlife. They are also delving into the realm of feature films, currently working on a Vietnam-era film, "A Ghost in the Jungle" which has an expected release date of Fall 2018.

With their love of wildlife, the Bonholtzers first chose their trademarked Grizzly Paw Prints for the Bonholtzer Productions company logo. On locations around the world, the Bonholtzers would hand out Bonholtzer Productions’ camouflage hats emblazoned with embroidered grizzly prints, and people were thrilled to receive them, remarking that they wanted to know where they could buy some. Seeing the positive feedback, along with their love of the Grizzly prints, the Bonholtzers trademarked and registered the logo of the majestic bear's mark upon the land, and thus, Bushland Outfitters was started. Now, the mark of the Grizzly can be shared, so adventurers and wildlife admirers everywhere can carry the Great Bear Spirit wherever they go.

The Bonholtzer family is very busy in the development of Bushland Outfitters, searching for the most comfortable and interesting clothing and products for their customers, and they continue to work to protect the environment and promote the education of disadvantaged children with their World Education Program. In addition to these endeavors, Craig is currently filming and directing an epic factually-based movie about the Vietnam War, entitled, "A Ghost in the Jungle", which promises to be one of the most controversial and powerful motion pictures made about the war. The story begins in 1970 in the mountains of Laos, and takes viewers from the most brutal aspects of warfare, to the squalid prison camps where Americans were held at the hands of the Communist North Vietnamese and their Pathet Lao allies. Moviegoers will watch the U.S. abandonment of these imprisoned Americans as the fall of Saigon sends millions fleeing for their lives as Communist forces overrun South Vietnamese forces. The movie then progresses on to include Gulf War One, Somalia, and Bosnia, and finally to present-day fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"A Ghost in the Jungle" is the journey of one man, his wife, and the countless scores of American servicemen and their families betrayed by American politicians, journalists, elitist intellectuals, and a naïve public who left them behind. It explores the brotherhood of warriors and is an enduring love story of a wife fighting for the rest of her life so that the POWs abandoned in Vietnam will never be forgotten. It is a journey of good versus evil, of faith, justice, and of a love that is timeless. "A Ghost in the Jungle" will, for the first time, reveal why those left behind as MIA (Missing In Action) were never brought home. Filmed on locations including sweltering swamps, rugged mountains ranges, and up to the steps of the Capitol in Washington DC, "A Ghost in the Jungle" takes viewers on a birds-eye view through a first person exploration of the war, including unrelenting battles, captures, torture, and escape attempts, Written and produced by Craig and Suzanne Bonholtzer, "A Ghost in the Jungle" will become a movie about the Vietnam War that others are judged by. The film will premiere in Fall 2018.

Along with Bushland Outfitters and the filming of "A Ghost in the Jungle," Craig and Suzanne are also writing an epic World War II factually-based historical romance novel and screenplay with an enduring love story reminiscent of From Here to Eternity, War and Remembrance, and The Thorn Birds. The story begins on December. 6, 1941, just one day before the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and carries on to the last days of the war and beyond. This epic tale opens new doors to the love and enduring faith of a man and a woman longing to be together through the darkest days of war and on to the peace that lay beyond.



Craig Bonholtzer Suzanne Bonholtzer

Craig Bonholtzer is a graduate of the University of Southern California. He worked in commercial real specializing in the development of environmentally-suited projects before founding Bonholtzer Productions “Specialists In Extreme Filming”, with his wife, Suzanne. Craig is known as a mountain man, rebel, and revolutionary, who some may consider a bit crazy, many times trekking the most arduous lands. From the Hindu Kush to the San Gabriel Mountains, he has weathered encounters with poachers, mountain lions, and bears, all the while being comfortably nestled into the bosom of Mother Nature herself. Craig is a director, writer, professional photographer, commercial plane and helicopter pilot, and a SAG actor who has appeared in numerous commercials. After a horrendous mountain biking accident, Craig passed from this life to the other side, but came back to describe what beauty lies beyond this life on Earth for those who walk the path of truth and integrity.

Suzanne Bonholtzer is a graduate of Chapman University, and chose the most important and enjoyable mission, to stay at home and be a full-time mom to wonderful sons, Eric and Trent. Suzanne is also a professional writer and photographer who has written many articles for the aviation world published around the globe as well as writing short stories. She has a great love of family, adventure, and travel, and pursues the quest to help protect wildlife and all animals, as well as to promote the education of the poor and disadvantaged children around the world. During her PTA years, she helped local schools earn tens of thousands of dollars of educational equipment and supplies. She currently works to bring the tools of education to children in disadvantaged areas of the United States and around the globe, through her volunteer work with the Bonholtzers' World Education Program. Suzanne is an avid hiker and swimmer and enjoys exploring nature, adventure, travel, and creative arts.



Eric Bonholtzer Trent Bonholtzer

Eric Bonholtzer is a graduate of the University of Southern California, and also holds a Master’s Degree from California Polytechnic University at Pomona. He was graduated with magna cum laude honors from Southwestern Law School and is a partner at the law firm of Ball, Bonholtzer, and Evans in Pasadena, California, specializing in civil litigation. He is also a SAG actor and a professional writer with a wide array of published articles, short stories, and books and has won numerous awards for his writing. He is an excellent all-around athlete, and he enjoys travel, hiking, tennis, writing, and kickboxing. His passion in law is helping those who have been injured get fair and just compensation.

Trent Bonholtzer is a graduate of the University of Southern California in the internationally-acclaimed USC Film School which is supported by the likes of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and many other famous directors. Trent's acclaimed short films deal with raw human emotions, bringing man's strengths and weaknesses to life. Trent is also a professional photographer with an eye for nature's beauty as well as for the latest fashions. He is also a SAG actor, having appeared in numerous television shows, movies, commercials, and print ads.  He enjoys travel, kickboxing, skiing, golf, basketball, tennis, kayaking, and exploring the great outdoors.  He resides in the Los Angeles area.

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Bonholtzer's Rafting the Nenana River, Alaska1.png

Bonholtzers rafting the Nenana River, Alaska

Bonholtzer's Rafting the Green River, British Columbia

Bonholtzers rafting the Green River, British Columbia



Grand Marshal Samson & Friends The Bonholtzer Family - Monrovia Day Parade Keeping up the Bonholtzer Christmas tradition of filling tote bags with clothing, books, toys, games, and other 'goodies' to donate to homeless and underprivileged adults and children



For years, the Bonholtzer family has been filling individual tote bags for the homeless, as well as many bags and boxes of toys, games, and art supplies for underprivileged children. Over the years, we have provided hundreds of these personal donation gifts for the needy.

For further details and information on the Bonholtzers' projects, send your email address and please specify which project(s) you would like to know more about.

In the meantime, please enjoy our website and the warm and gentle comfort of our Bushland Outfitters clothing line.

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